Dental implant innovator unveils online education platform

14 February 2024
The EthOss team unveiled EdgeX at AEEDC 2024 in Dubai.

A free education platform designed to upskill practitioners in the field of modern dental implantology, graft materials and techniques has been unveiled by the company behind the renowned synthetic dental implant product, EthOss.

EthOss Regeneration Ltd, which produces ‘EthOss’ - a synthetic material that encourages new bone growth during dental implant procedures – has built and launched a new platform called ‘EdgeX’ to provide practitioners with a free-to-access, all-around guide to all parts of an implantology procedure (with a particular focus on bone augmentation).

Based on structured learning modules covering subject areas including ‘Immediate implant placement’, ‘Buccal defects’ and ‘Socket grafting’, each section features a series of short, concise educational videos followed by a multiple-choice quiz on the topics covered.

The online platform is centred around three elements, covering ‘Science’ – explaining the theoretical underpinning of bone grafting and implantology; ‘Applications’ – demonstrating the various clinical applications used within the field; and ‘In practice’ – showcasing lectures and hands-on courses where users can apply their new knowledge and skills.

Peter Wheeler, managing director at EthOss Regeneration, said, “We’re really excited to be launching a brand-new education platform for the dental sector, designed to allow practitioners to develop their expertise in the field of modern implantology and provide them with the opportunities to put their new-found skills into practice.

“We’ve listened to clinicians and built this platform around what people need – short, concise videos which cover all elements of implantology, not just new technologies and new product launches.

“We’re hoping to support dentists with the move by creating this free education platform, and we’ll be adding even more modules in the coming weeks and months, working with dentists across the globe to create new training content that will enhance the sector’s implantology work and benefit patients, too.”

For each module completed, users will receive a certificate.

UK registered dentists can also submit their General Dental Council number in order to contribute towards their annual CPD count.

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