Dental practice can grow patients’ bones in a regenerative implant treatment

06 November 2020
3 min read

A dental practice in South Lanarkshire renowned for its implant work has seen a 30 per cent year-on-year increase in enquiries after pioneering a technique that uses patients’ own blood plasma to grow bone.

Larkhall Dental Institute, of the Clyde Munro Dental Group, has adopted an organic approach to implantology developed by a Spanish company, Biotechnology Institute, that uses platelet rich blood plasma to effectively regenerate and repair tissue and bone with a quicker recovery time.

Callum Graham was the first practitioner in central Scotland to adopt the regenerative treatment back in 2011 as practice principal, saying he ‘stumbled’ across the process, called PRGF-Endoret, and has never looked back.

Typically, a dental implant will be made of a titanium alloy, similar to those found in hip or shoulder implants, the surface of the implant, with this system, is specially treated with calcium ions that work in harmony with the PRGF-Endoret system to help new bone attach onto the implant surface. It is the quality of this bone-to-implant surface interaction that determines the success of implant treatment.

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