Dental Protection judicial review successfully overturns GDC warning over minor driving offence

05 October 2018
2 min read

Any dentist who receives a published warning from the GDC will have the warning details published on the GDC’s website. The dentist will also be required to disclose that warning and/or sanction in future job applications.

In August 2017 Dental Protection successfully challenged the GDC investigating committee for misapplying their own guidance when they decided to impose a warning and published the warning for three months. In the first judicial review, Dental Protection argued that there was no reason why a minor motoring conviction should trigger the need to issue a published warning in circumstances in which the GDC itself conceded that the practitioner’s fitness-to-practise was not impaired. The case did not result in a full hearing at that time as the GDC conceded the case.

However, the regulator later proceeded to pursue the case again with another investigating committee which imposed a warning for the second time, albeit unpublished at that time.

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