Dentally Ortho now live

30 January 2020
1 min read

This latest product development from the team at Dentally is the design of a new orthodontic feature, whereby assessment data can be recorded within the software. 

This new workflow was originally part of the process for their Scottish customers to submit prior approvals and claims for orthodontic work through its e-Ortho integration with NHS Scotland, but the work undertaken will benefit all orthodontic dentists – not just those in Scotland.

The new standalone orthodontic module allows for assessment data for values such as overbite and overjet information, recorded by a practitioner to be held in a form on a separate tab within Dentally – making it easier to record the data from the outset and track the patient’s progress at each stage of their treatment.

The workflow is simple; users can just go into the patient’s chart and open a treatment plan as normal. They then click on the ortho tab and create a new assessment. It will highlight mandatory fields and when all the fields are completed, the user selects save and the information is retained in the ortho tab in Dentally. If you are working in Scotland, then claims can be submitted in two stages. Full details are available from the Dentally support team.

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