Dentist issues ‘Turkey teeth’ warning after a patient is left toothless

16 March 2023

In an interview with The Independent, Sahil Patel issued a warning over patients getting ‘Turkey teeth’. The statements follow seeing a patient left toothless upon her return to the UK.

Sahil, a cosmetic dentist and founder of Marylebone Smile Clinic, said, “There has been a rise in overseas treatments in Thailand, Hungary and Romania. All of these can, unfortunately, suffer over-treatment or complications when they return to us in the UK.

“The bright and white approach is becoming popular - the most common smile we are asked to replicate is Cheryl Cole’s.”

But, the treatment doesn't always go well. The “single worst outcome” Sahil has seen from a patient who received treatment abroad and her implants quickly became infected.

Of the eight implants that the patient had received, six were lost and had to be entirely removed.

Sahil said, “It is a common misconception that implants are just as good as real teeth.

“The reality is they are not as resilient as natural teeth.

“Due to them being a ‘foreign object’, they do not have the sensory feedback that a normal tooth has.

“This can be quite damaging to the muscles and jaw if having all the teeth replaced with implants.”

Sahil added, “Also, cleaning and maintenance of implant teeth is very hard and often requires specialist treatment to ensure the implants last for the long term.”

Before receive they receive treatment Sahil encourages patients to ask themselves several key questions, “Is it cheaper? If anything does not go to plan, lots of patients have inflamed gums, bite issues, root canal treatment and pain - meaning Turkey Teeth may well end up being more costly in the long run.

“Do consider that many dentists in the UK may not want to treat you after, as in order to become responsible for you long-term, any defective dental work would need to be replaced.

“Are you willing to live with a compromised result due to having this all done in one sitting?”