Dentistry degrees gives graduates the greatest choice in home ownership opportunities

01 August 2019
2 min read

The typical starting salary of a newly qualified dentist is £34,840, meaning they could borrow a mortgage of up to £139,360. Provided they’ve managed to save a five percent deposit, they could afford a home worth up to £146,695.

This budget gives employed dentistry graduates the option of buying a home in 172 different towns and cities across England, Scotland and Wales. The most expensive being Fairbourne in the Welsh county of Gwynedd (with an average house price of £146,499), Maybole in Scotland (with an average house price of £146,243), and Knottingley in West Yorkshire (with an average house price of £146,224).

However, a dentistry degree does take five years to complete, which can have a bigger impact on student loan repayments and affordability.

Taking between three to five years to complete, the chemical engineering average starting salary of £31,824 offers the second highest choice of property locations. This gives grads a budget of £133,996, which makes 96 towns and cities affordable, including the Scottish town of Mauchline (£133,592).

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