Dentistry in the spotlight

20 April 2021
4 min read

Uchenna Okoye shares some insight into her role as a dental expert on the TV programme 10 Years Younger.

I first got involved with 10 Years Younger when the producers approached me about 15 years ago. The series was recently bought and revived after a decade break by Channel 5, who asked me to return as the dental expert.

Whilst it is very exciting to be involved, many people do not realise how challenging it can be. We have to work within strict time constraints, which tends to create very long days. I might provide one smile makeover per day in my practice, but when I have to treat two or three people for the show, the working hours are at least double. I also have to gain the person’s trust and consent, much as any other patient, so time must be dedicated to this. In addition, dentistry is often a significant part of a participant’s transformation. If I don’t think I can deliver a good result, they might not get any of the other lifechanging support that the show offers. This can be a lot of pressure.

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