Dentists find a better way to deliver dentistry when practices reopen

13 May 2020
3 min read

That’s according to Pandora Dental, a pioneering group of 150 independent dental surgeons, who have joined forces with a number of other dental groups to get dentists back to work safely.

These include the IndepenDent Practice Owners UK, as well as expressed support from Alpha Omega and The Portman Group.

More than 650 practice owners, representing more than 1,100 dental practices, have developed what they feel is a better way to deliver dentistry to patients as the government eases lockdown restrictions.

They say four-handed dentistry is the safest way to offer dental care – and mooted that COVID-19 testing before teams return to work may be an option.

Pandora Dental wants to offer dental care to patients who have been denied the opportunity for appointments since dentists were forced to close their doors in March.

Amid a demoralised profession, with 27% revealing they were highly likely to leave dentistry, dentists and their teams must now work together to plug the gap between public perception of risk and the reality, they say.

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