DGSHAPE YouTube channel to help dental professionals discover digital

02 September 2020
1 min read

The new YouTube channel explores this exciting field and DGSHAPE's solutions via short and accessible videos. Each one is designed to support existing users while providing those not yet on the digital path the opportunity to discover how the technology works.

Video content includes introductions to DGSHAPE's systems, such as the DWX-52DCi dry dental milling machine and the DWX 52D 5-axis dental milling machine, and practical how-tos on applications and maintenance. For instance, there is a beginner's guide to basic crown and bridge production using Millbox software, a step-by-step guide to replacing the collet on a DWX 4 mill, and a bitesized overview on milling permanent crown restorations with the 52DCI.

The channel also gives an insight into DGSHAPE and its customers. Viewers can meet real-life dentists including New York's Alan Jurim and Seoul-based Jaemin Lee, who explain how a digital workflow has helped their practices to reduce time and costs while improving quality and patient satisfaction.

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