Digital tools for dentists and orthodontists

09 May 2024
Left to right: David Galler and Donna Galante.

The Dentist speaks to David Galler and Donna Galante about Invisalign Live 2024.

The importance of leveraging digital tools on the Align Digital Platform and how closer working between dentists and orthodontists can create better patient outcomes are just two key takeaways delegates can expect from Invisalign Live 2024 on June 7 and 8.

Before flying to the UK from the US, David Galler, president of the American Academy of Clear Aligners, and Donna Galante, an orthodontist, shared their excitement about participating in the event. They also provided a flavour of what they’ll cover in their keynote speeches and sessions.

This is the first time Align has brought together dentists and orthodontists at one event. David and Donna will be joined by over 20 dentists and orthodontists to deliver their expert insights at this reimagined, dual-focused educational event.

Please explain a little about your professional journey and your experience with Invisalign treatment and the Align Digital Platform.

David: I began my Invisalign journey more than 20 years ago, completing my Invisalign certification in 2003, before implementing the treatment into my Manhattan practice in New York. Since then, I’ve trained thousands of Invisalign doctors globally and have worked on more than 100,000 ClinChecks.

I’m the president of the American Academy of Clear Aligners, which has 5000 members globally. I also teach clear aligners, specifically Invisalign, as part of my Re-engage Course, which is the longest-running Invisalign training programme in North America. I also regularly speak at conferences and events.

Donna: As an orthodontist, I have had the privilege of helping more than 20,000 patients, from the ages of six to 86, smile with more confidence. In 38 years of practice, I have a great deal of experience in both the clinical and business aspects of orthodontics. I teach at Harvard, coach and mentor other professionals, and authored seven books. I have also had numerous international speaking opportunities. I’m on the field education team at Align – helping new speakers put their presentations together. I also help to run women’s orthodontist mastermind events for any practitioners interested in growing their Invisalign treatments.

Why were you enthusiastic to speak at this year’s event and what do you believe are the benefits of including both general dentists and orthodontists at one event?

David: Even if every dentist and orthodontist carried out Invisalign treatments full-time, we still wouldn’t meet the demand for straightening people’s teeth across the globe; this leaves a lot of room for collaboration between dentists and orthodontists—and referrals, something which I hope to highlight in my presentation.

Donna: I feel very strongly that, as dental professionals, we're all in this together. At the end of the day, it's all about the patient: It's all about caring for our patients to give them the best possible outcomes. And it's all about changing their smiles, their confidence, and their lives. Coming together at Invisalign Live will allow for a lot more collaboration for the benefit of our patients, opening the door to better patient care, more patients being treated, and more patients getting the outcomes and results they deserve and desire.

What can dentist and orthodontist delegates expect from your keynote speech?

David: I intend to focus on Align innovations that are applicable to dentists and orthodontists alike. Rarely do you come across doctors who use the full Align Digital Platform (many focus on only one or two elements), yet when you do, it’s so powerful. In the past six months, in particular, Align’s latest innovations have helped to deliver an exciting A to Z solution. You will be able to see the full power of the Align platform and how you can treat an entire case in 30 or 40 minutes of chair time without compromising the patient.

Donna: The Invisalign system gives us the advantage of being able to treat multiple cases, which could potentially be treated with fixed appliances, but aligners are so much more predictable and efficient. My goal is to demonstrate - through case types - the innumerable possibilities the Invisalign system can unlock for adult and growing patients. I’ll also touch on two patients whom I treated with sequential distalisation – so a little more advanced. I think GPs will appreciate seeing it, too - it might be a case they wouldn’t normally want to treat, but it would be great for referrals.

Can you give us a little insight into what you will cover in your breakout sessions?

David: I’ll be covering Interproximal Reduction (IPR) because I have a specific way of performing it that is safe, easy, effective, and 100 per cent repeatable. IPR is a key ingredient for successful cases, and I don’t think people realise how much easier it can be just by using the right tools.

Donna: My session will cover issues such as the power of the SmartTrack material, and SmartForce features for treatment predictability and understanding the application of the software features specific to mandibular advancement and eruption compensation. Delegates will leave with a deeper understanding of the importance of clinical preferences and how to communicate with the technician to plan cases.

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