Do you need stress-free, reliable help selling your practice?

06 August 2022
2 min read
Phil Kolodynski, associate director at Dental Elite
Phil Kolodynski, associate director at Dental Elite

Patrick Kilker and Lyn Kilker share their experience selling their practice with the help of Dental Elite.

How did you find the bidding process? 

Our consultants had an idea of the type of person who may be interested in our practice and introduced us to appropriate parties making the process simple, stress free and efficient.

We were provided with realistic expectations from the outset which was a good benchmark from a starting point of not knowing a huge deal about the process.

What was the biggest challenge in getting your practice sold? 

The biggest challenge for us was wondering who we could sell our practice to. We consider ourselves to be a family-orientated practice. Our staff have been with us for many years, so we wanted to consider their welfare and interests going forward as well as our need for a succession plan.

The process was simplified, and we were able to find a buyer we could work closely with.

What made you choose the offer you accepted? 

The realistic, open, and honest discussions we had with our consultants made us realise the value of our practice. As a result, we focussed our minds on an offer that both ourselves and the buyer could feel comfortable with to progress the sale.

Which consultant in Dental Elite did you work with? 

We worked with Phil Kolodynski who initially travelled three hours to sit and have a discussion with us around the sale of the practice. Thereafter, he was always available and contactable, providing prompt, supportive responses.

In the latter stages of the process, we worked with Carl Wetton who again was extremely helpful and efficient.

Why did you choose Dental Elite over others? 

Dental Elite were very helpful from the outset as we knew little about the process. They were willing to meet us on-site at a time convenient to us, even though this meant considerable travel for themselves. They were co-operative and realistic and left us with the feeling that we were in good professional hands.

Did they keep you updated throughout the process? 

We were kept updated throughout the entire process from start to completion. Any additional queries we had were always answered promptly and in a very helpful manner.

Would you recommend Dental Elite to others looking to sell? 

We would have no hesitation in recommending Dental Elite to anybody looking to sell their practice. We have found the team to be professional and reliable. They were always available to provide responses to any queries and they really took the stress factor out of the process.

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