Double trouble: are you prepared for flu season?

17 January 2022
3 min read

As the days get shorter and the cold draws in, this typically coincides with the start of the flu season. As you are no doubt already aware, influenza can be deadly, and figures suggest that thousands of people die from the virus in the UK each year.[i] What’s particularly concerning, however, is that there is a chance that these figures could be much higher this year.

News reports and estimates have been issued by a number of leading health authorities, projecting that flu season this year is likely to be more severe, and potentially more deadly than usual.

But why is flu likely to be more of a concern this year, and what can professionals do to help ensure that dental practices remain a safe space?

Why is flu more dangerous this year?
Interestingly, despite being a commonly known disease, there is a significant lack of knowledge among the general public about influenza. In fact, one source suggests that 25 per cent of the UK population do not know that flu can be fatal; meaning individuals may not be taking proper cautions to defend against the spread of the disease, especially if they believe themselves to be fit and healthy.[ii] This is significant as it shows that flu has the potential to run rampant in the UK population, which could have far-reaching consequences.

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