Efficient air purification

26 November 2020
2 min read

It seems obvious that pollutants outdoors are detrimental to our health and are best to be avoided where possible, but how often do we stop to think about the quality of our indoor air? Air quality is affected by gases, particulates and microbial contaminants and these in turn can affect our health, comfort and wellbeing within the confines of a building.

Now more than ever we can be particularly mindful of airborne pollutants indoors and the potential harmful effects. A good way to minimise the threat is to reduce dirt and pollutants in the air through routine cleaning and ventilation. If fresh air is not accessible to a room however, an air purifier is a very practical way to prevent the pollutants entering the lungs. And according to a recent study, air filtration could significantly reduce the risk of Covid-19 spread during dental visits. Designed to filter out viruses, bacteria and other indoor air pollutants, their use is highly recommended in dental clinics in order to ensure safer breathing air for the dental team and patients.

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