Endodontic irrigation: Science or marketing?

05 February 2024

Sergio Kuttler will be presenting at the upcoming British Endodontic Society (BES) Spring Scientific Meeting on March 16, 2024. He shares an insight into his topic, and what attendees can expect.

Sergio said, “At the Spring Scientific Meeting, I will have the honour of sharing my topic “Endodontic irrigation: Science or marketing?” with you. We have been using Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) for the past 104 years and I wonder 'what’s wrong with our specialty?'. This is because, since the introduction of NiTi mechanised root canal therapy in early 1991 until today there are more than 400 mechanised systems sold worldwide, and we still rely our irrigation protocols during treatment primarily on NaOCl.

“During my presentation, I will cover the chronology of root canal irrigation, the various irrigation solutions used in root canal procedures, the essential functions of root canal irrigation, variables encountered clinically that may affect root canal irrigation, and different types of root canal irrigation. Additionally, I will discern between marketing and science in the commercial offering available for root canal irrigation. Also, I will try to elicit some controversies during my presentation.

“I cordially invite you to come and attend the British Endodontic Society Spring Scientific Meeting. See you there!”

For more information visit https://britishendodonticsociety.org.uk/events/23/spring_scientific_meeting_2024