Endodontics – down in the mouth or blue sky thinking?

01 May 2020
2 min read
Volume 38 · Issue 5

While implants are unquestionably a popular and successful treatment there is nothing quite like keeping one’s own teeth; and thus, retaining them in our patients. While endodontics may not be top of every dentist’s list of favourite procedures, there are some for whom their passion for all things root canal drive them to inspire us.

Enter Hugo Setbon, a dentist who practices in Brussels and who regards endodontics as less of a means to mechanically treat a tooth and more as a way to heal and maintain it in the mouth. Indeed, the thrust of his webinar is to emphasise that endodontics can be easy, efficient and that it is possible to work with instruments that are accessible in terms of cost. Hugo observes that “when we go to an endodontic lecture, most of the time, the endodontist shows his or her best cases with a lot of lateral canals, unusual anatomy and so forth, but it’s not representative of real life where we find treatment of a normal tooth with a normal anatomy.”

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