Expanding options

02 October 2014
Volume 30 · Issue 1

Tif Qureshi reviews the new addition to STO treatment.

In such a fast-paced modern world, change and evolution are inevitable. The dental industry is a prime example of this, with new ideas, materials and clinical techniques constantly emerging in all areas of the profession and from all over the world. Aesthetic orthodontics is one such field that has seen and is still experiencing significant advancement. Today, limited outcome ‘aesthetic orthodontics’ involves almost invisible appliances, maximum patient comfort, and minimal preparation on the existing teeth.

The Inman Aligner has built a reputation of offering one of the best short-term aesthetic orthodontic training courses available, and this provided us with an effective platform to work from. Our instructors are not driven by the motivation to sell, and so have always been very honest and have highlighted the limitations of the appliance as well as the many benefits. Having studied these restrictions for some time, we are soon to introduce to the UK two more systems that have the ability to treat cases not suitable for the Inman Aligner.

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