Experience the difference

19 April 2021
1 min read

It’s now nearly a year since the launch of the Oral-B iO. This new electric toothbrush has undoubtedly taken the profession by storm, and a quick flick through Instagram will tell you that those who’ve tried it, love it, and are genuinely impressed with the new technology on offer. So, what’s new about it? After all, Oral-B has always had great electric toothbrushes. Does it really break the status quo and in what way is it different to earlier ‘flagship’ models? 

Essentially what the iO does is to take something we do every day and increase our ability to do it better. The brush combines an oscillating-rotating action with gentle micro-vibrations. The moment you put it in your mouth, you’re aware that it feels discernibly different. The brush glides effortlessly from tooth to tooth, but as well as feeling great, its efficacy has been enhanced. The iO uses artificial intelligence to improve the user’s technique. It will tell you where you’ve brushed, and more importantly where you’ve missed. Lingual, buccal and occlusal surfaces are all monitored via the Oral-B app. Think of it as providing real-time coaching! As well as reaching all areas, the brush will also ensure the optimum pressure is being applied – too much and a red warning light will appear, too little a white light, and when within the safe range, the light will display green. The implications for a patient’s oral health are immense, after all, it’s what’s done between appointments that will decide whether an individual has good oral health, or not.

Oral-B is giving all GDC registered dental professionals the opportunity to buy an iO for the exclusive price of £109*. To order yours call 0333 900 4000**.

*Including vat & delivery, pricing is at the sole discretion or the retailer.

**Maximum allowance per GDC number is one brush per year.