Experts gather to give advice on how to bounceback

19 May 2020
2 min read

The UK dental profession is well aware that when practices re-open, the dental environment and its processes and treatments will look very different from the normality they are used to. From patient communication and the need for reassurance, through PPE provision and alternatives to aerosol generating procedures, dentists and their teams will have to learn to navigate a new way of working.

The Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival will provide a forum during which dental professionals will be able to consider the challenges they face, taking advice from leading experts about how to navigate COVID-19, and prepare for the future. Through a series of bite-sized webinars, those registered will be offered proactive training, scenario planning, and the opportunity to share ideas in the crucial areas of patient communication, business and financial management, team development and human resources, the new contactless patient journey, marketing, mental health, and more.

The first headline speakers for the Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival have just been announced and include some of dentistry’s most engaging and knowledgeable experts. The speaker line-up includes:

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