Facing your fears

08 October 2021
3 min read

Andy Acton discusses some of the common concerns dentists have when buying or selling a practice.

Whilst the value of practices has changed enormously in the 21 years I’ve been helping dentists buy and sell, one thing that hasn’t are the concerns that that many going through the process experience. They say a problem aired is a problem shared, so here are some of the most common fears encountered and, more importantly, some reassurance that might mitigate those worries.

“I fear a patient will make a complaint”
The fear of a patient complaint for many principals is real. There are many horror stories of spurious complaints designed to illicit a discount or refund. Thankfully they are very rare but do happen and cannot take away from the ongoing concern among dental practice that it ‘could be them’.

In life we often carry around worries of things that, on balance, are less likely to happen – but that doesn’t mean that we can banish those thoughts completely.

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