FDS welcomes new infection prevention and control guidance for UK dental settings

23 October 2020
1 min read

The Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons of England has welcomed the publication of the Covid-19: infection prevention and control dental appendix, which provides updated guidance for dental settings throughout the UK on how to deliver treatment safely during the pandemic.

Published jointly by Public Health England and the national public health agencies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the new guidance sets out how dental services should provide treatment for patients on low, medium and high risk Covid-19 pathways. It includes recommendations around aerosol generating procedures (AGPs), personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilation requirements and post-AGP downtime.

Dean of the faculty, Matthew Garrett, said, “We welcome the publication of this important new guidance, which provides clarity for dental professionals across the UK on how to manage the risks of Covid-19 effectively for staff and patients. We know how hard the entire profession is working in these unprecedented circumstances, and the new guidance will support their efforts to maintain high quality dental care during the pandemic.”

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