FGDP(UK) supports Black Lives Matter movement and anti-racism

30 June 2020
1 min read

The FGDP (UK), representing general dental practices throughout the UK, announced yesterday it will be taking action to improve its long-standing commitment to promoting equality and inclusion in dentistry.

In a statement issued, it writes: 'We are aware black colleagues are a more disadvantaged group and do not have equality of representation and opportunity in dentistry. We are committed to addressing the impact of discrimination and believe this will benefit our patients and our profession.'

They are taking actions that include:

The dean of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK), Ian Mills, said: 'This is an extremely important issue and I am extremely grateful to Onkar, and many other colleagues, who have had a significant role in influencing changes within dentistry. I am proud of the progress which our Faculty has made over the years to embrace equality and diversity, but it is clear that we still have significant work to do. The first step is to acknowledge that inequality exists within many areas of dentistry, and large sections of our profession are at a disadvantage in terms of opportunities and progression.

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