Fit for all

01 February 2018
2 min read

NHS dentistry is still a greatly valued service designed to provide any clinically necessary treatment for patients to keep their mouth, teeth and gums healthy and free of pain. In running a busy mixed, five-surgery practice, with around 70 per cent of my patients being treated under the NHS, I’m keen to offer all my patients the very best treatment options when it comes to their oral care. This includes informing them about the best in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments they may not necessarily be aware of and/or those which are not currently available under the NHS.

Traditionally, a trip to the dentist was something to be endured rather than enjoyed, however, thanks in part to the rise of social media and celebrity culture, cosmetic dental treatments unavailable on the NHS are now something patients are actively seeking out for themselves. This is of course good news for the dental profession but patients still need to be kept fully informed about the right treatment for them. 

I’m a long-time advocate of tooth whitening, seeing the confidence boost it gives to my patients by removing years of staining and discolouration. I believe whitening should be made affordable and accessible to everyone.

My whitening system of choice is pola from SDI Ltd. I have been using pola whitening products for over 15 years and have continuously achieved great cost-effective results and excellent feedback from our patients.


Informed choices

We offer tooth whitening only as a private treatment. As we are a predominantly NHS practice many of our patients had not realised that tooth whitening is available to them until they spotted the posters and in-practice marketing. Actively promoting whitening in this way allows patients to make an informed choice, and with the right system in place, can become a secret weapon in building a great range of treatment options, attracting more patients and generating a more profitable practice.

In order to accommodate the needs and lifestyles of our patients, it’s important they’re well informed about the types of whitening options available to them. There are a range of solutions now available, but in my opinion, professionally dispensed take-home whitening treatments produce the most effective and long-term results for our patients. They can choose to whiten their teeth by day, or more often at night, in as little as thirty minutes, using easy-to-apply, pleasant-tasting gels using custom-made bleaching trays, all from the comfort of their own home. Alternatively, they can opt for a 45-min chair-side treatment procedure or even benefit from a take-home, paint-on whitening pen, a quick and cost-effective touch-up solution for the busy patient who’s already had whitening treatment.