Full-arch rehabilitation using six implants

23 August 2022
Before implants: 62 year-old female considering implants for fixed options
Before implants: 62 year-old female considering implants for fixed options

A 62-year-old patient was considering a fixed solution as an alternative to the maxillary denture that she had worn for a while. Due to her dentures moving around in her mouth, she was experiencing pain when chewing, as well as difficulties speaking. This made her feel embarrassment and affected her confidence when eating and communicating with others.

After a thorough medical history and clinical assessment, it was concluded that the patient was otherwise in a state of good health. She did not smoke and took good care of her remaining teeth.

The treatment options were presented to the patient; no treatment, a replacement denture, a removable implant-retained denture or a fixed implant-retained full arch prosthesis. After giving the patient a comprehensive overview of each individual option, she stuck with her original preference for the fixed implant-retained prosthesis. This was due to its improved stability and comfort compared to removable options, as well as the achievable aesthetics.

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