Futureproofing dentistry

12 March 2021
4 min read

The pandemic has turned the world upside down and dentistry has not gone unscathed. BDIA Dental Showcase On Demand, taking place across five days (22-26 March), is designed to help futureproof the delivery of dentistry post-Covid-19.

Speakers will discuss the profession’s new landscape, offer clinical solutions to enhancing the delivery dentistry and discuss key issues relevant to us all.

There is also an interactive exhibition, where attendees can connect virtually with companies via a live chat box on their virtual booths, or use video to watch product demonstrations live.

Attendance is free and many of the sessions are CPD certified.

Top six reasons to sign up today:

  1. Be part of the conversation. There is much speculation about the sustainability of NHS dentistry in light of the current pandemic. Jason Wong, deputy CDO for England, will offer his overview of the past year, while the BDA’s Eddie Crouch will talk about the future – for patients, the profession and NHS and private care. Plus, members of the British Association of Private Dentistry (BAPD), including Tif Qureshi, Bertie Napier, Salma Daou, Rahul Doshi and Simon Thackeray, will look at dentistry from a private practitioner’s point of view, as the Association of Dental Administrators and Managers (ADAM) hosts a forum in which key opinion leaders will prepare dental teams for potential future obstacles.

  2. Turn the tide on those shocking statistics. Mouth cancer referrals have fallen by a third since the start of the pandemic and two thirds of children did not see a dentist in 2020. A backlog of cases has not helped. Oral cancer specialist Professor Mike Lewis will be urging practice teams to reach out to patients, while specialist periodontist Reena Wadia looks at how you can encourage phobic patients back into the chair. Urshla Devalia and Claire Stevens, consultants in paediatric dentistry, discuss new ways to reach out to patients learning disabilities and autism, and dental hygienist Flora Couper will look at how preventive dentistry can propel your dental practice to greater heights.

  3. Appreciate the value of your practice – and your team. How has the pandemic and the budget affected the value of practices? Frank Taylor & Associates’ Andy Acton and Chris Strevens will give an expert analysis of current market trends, as the Dental Professional Alliance – Fiona Ellwood, Diane Rochford, Debbie McGovern and Amanda Borthwick – turns the spotlight on the benefits of using your team’s skill mix appropriately to ensure business profitability and efficiency. There’s also an interactive debate with Smile Revolution’s Victoria Wilson, Preetee Hylton and Laura McClune on how to use the team to promote good oral health to patients and Melanie Pomphrett will reveal how the teams can work together to optimise teeth whitening in practice – much in demand thanks to the ‘Zoom boom’.

  4. Embrace new clinical skills and thinking. The pandemic has offered dentists time to reflect on how they deliver care, and our speakers have a wealth of experience to draw on. From case studies to cutting-edge technology, they will share how they are delivering dentistry to the benefit of patients and profit. The line-up includes:
  • Alif Mosajee on how to harness those clinical and business skills to best effect
  • Trevor Burke considers sensitivity with posterior composites.
  • Raj Juneja on how digitalisation has elevated his practice profile
  • Jane Lelean on how teledentistry can increase conversions
  • Shamir Mehta and Subir Banerji will host two presentations – on tooth wear and splint therapy
  • Andrew Chandrapal will discuss anterior applications of composite resin
  • Avijit Banerjee considers a minimal approach to caries management and prevention
  • Sinead Malone talks about enamel erosion
  • Josette Camilleri considers dentine replacement strategies
  • Tif Qureshi discusses the enhanced dental examination
  • Aylin Baysan and Roshni Karia will also consider a minimally invasive approach to dental caries.
  1. Learn the importance of inclusivity. We will be raising awareness of inequality in the profession with two back-to-back sessions – Chinwe Akuonu and Jade Kwaku discuss unconscious bias and racism within dentistry, while Andrew Gilliver, of the LGBT Foundation, talks about Pride in Practice, a quality assurance programme designed to strengthen relationships with this patient group. We will also look at inclusive dentistry from a clinical point of view. With the BDA expressing its fear that future trade partners could lead to a flood of cheap junk food into the UK and lockdown putting paid to healthy habits, Surina Sehgal, aka The Foodie Dentist, discusses how nutrition, stress, sleep, hydration and medical status can impact oral health. She will also be joined by Maria Papavergos in an interactive roundtable that will consider the merits of incorporating lifestyle factors into routine discussions with patients. Dental hygienist Anna Middleton and dietitian Sophie Medlin talk about the benefits of a referring relationship between professionals, while Annette Matthews shares her thoughts on the window of opportunity dental teams have to include skin cancer and melanoma detection as part of each appointment.

  2. Look after yourself (and the planet, too!). The pandemic has raised important issues with regards to both mental health and the sustainability of our world. Shalini Nayee will share a new resource that offers wellbeing support for the dental team, Bashar Al-Naher will share his tips to achieving true wellbeing, and Megan Fairhall will offer insight into how to lead a fulfilling work-life balance and create a life you love. Meanwhile, Ann Tracy and Anne Bedarf will consider ways in which the dental community can contribute to a world without plastic waste.

Plus, Sarah Buxton covers HR hot topics, there’s a look at upping your game with your record keeping, an update on Guidance Notes for Dental Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-ray Equipment and expert advice from the NASDAL team. Sue Boynton offers her seven tips to complaint success, while the GDC talks about plans for regulatory reform.

And the great thing is that these live presentations offer a chance for you to get involved with Q&A sessions, as well as certifiable CPD hours.

To view the full programme, visit https://ondemand.dentalshowcase.com