Game-changing composite

02 March 2021
3 min read

The Dentist talks to Akit Patel about GC’s new universal composite.

Why have you switched to G-ænial A’Chord and how does it compare to other universal composites you have used previously?
I’ve switched to routinely using G-ænial A’Chord primarily because of its simplicity and the ability to create natural aesthetics. It has just five cores shades that easily achieve the aesthetics of the 16 classic VITA shades. The material has a body allowing it to stay in position, ready to be shaped. It is easier to handle and sculpt with a hand instrument or brush and blends seamlessly into the margins. It is a big step change on previous systems I’ve used.

Tell us more about the simplified shading system. Is it easy to decide which shade you should be using across the whole VITA range?
I find it incredibly easy. G-ænial A’Chord has blending and chameleon effects which allows the composite to take on the colour of the surrounding tooth tissue when viewed side by side and at the interface. It has unique filler technology, which includes High Performance Pulverized Cerasmart fillers (HPC) that allows improved colour blending between the composite and the tooth, especially at the margins.

Regardless of the size and initial colour difference of the restoration, the material’s blending capabilities are so good that it doesn’t rely on the bulk of the material to get the blending and shade correct. It exhibits a colour adjustment potential, with pronounced blending, allowing you to create natural looking anterior and posterior restorations in an easy way.

Does the simplified inventory reduce the time it takes to place a restoration?
It saves time not just for me, but for my nurse and the team as well. Rather than layering, I can use it in one application unless it’s a complex situation – for example, a Class IV restoration where we need extra layers to provide the opacity and translucent colours to help mimic the natural tooth in the best possible way. It is a much simpler way to achieve the aesthetic results you really want.

In terms of finishing, how easy is it to finish to the surface quality you’re looking for?
G-ænial A’Chord polishes exceptionally well. It retains a high gloss thanks to its specialised proprietary technology with uniform nano filler distribution and high filler load, that also gives the material high strength and natural fluorescence. It’s an easy, time-saving step in the whole restorative process and takes only minutes.

G-ænial A’Chord offers an extended portfolio of cervical, opaque, enamel and bleach shades especially suited to more complex cases. How do these perform in practice?
I’ve used the darker A6 shade on Class V restorations and it blends really well with the root, making it particularly suitable for masking on elderly patients. I also like the new AO1 shade that creates a natural white core body without having to move to the bleach option.

Of course, simplification is a big reason to change, but how easy is it for clinicians to move to a new composite system? Is it something clinicians are routinely looking to do?
As a clinician I believe you make the change because you’re not happy with your current system, you want to simplify routine procedures, or you’re looking to reduce time and ultimately costs. I am all for simplification as this helps to reduce confusion and minimise errors.

Rather than being faced with too many choices, the five simple shades offered by G-ænial A’Chord provides everything you need for routine cases, leading to more efficient use of chair time, less stress and more cost-effective clinical outcomes. More importantly, simplified and faster placement makes treatment far more comfortable for the patient.

What are your thoughts on working with GC and their products?
I’ve been using GC composites for over 15 years, so I’ve always been a big fan and I trust them completely. GC develop very user-friendly products backed up by good research, which allows them to stay ahead of the game, especially when it comes to composites and glass ionomers.

I’ve worked with the team at GC UK for a long time. I have always received great support from them, and I enjoy learning about the latest materials and techniques. They offer transparency, respect and fairness which ultimately benefits myself, my clinical team and, of course, my patients.

Akit Patel is a prosthodontic specialist at Perlan Specialist Dental Centre in Eastbourne.