GDC comments on results from UK-REACH study

29 April 2021
1 min read

Responding to the publication of the first results from the UK-REACH study, which found Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy in 23 per cent of healthcare workers, General Dental Council executive director, strategy, Stefan Czerniawski, said, "We encourage all dental professionals to be vaccinated as an important step in protecting their patients, their communities and, of course, themselves. This research shows that most healthcare workers including dental professionals recognise that vaccines are safe and effective, but that a minority remain hesitant. It’s important to understand the reasons for that so that concerns can be addressed, and take-up encouraged.

“We have recently updated our vaccination guidance for dental professionals and employers which we encourage everyone working in dentistry to read. We will continue to seek opportunities to promote as wide a vaccination take-up as possible and to support the important work of the UK-REACH study.”