GDC seeks views on its strategy for 2020-2022

10 May 2019
1 min read

The strategy reflects the significant progress the GDC has made against its ambitions to make dental regulation better and fairer – as described in Shifting the balance – and the many difficult decisions taken to reduce costs and improve effectiveness.

The strategy sets out a vision for the GDC to:

This is a key moment for dental regulation and the GDC is calling on professionals, partners and the public to engage and support this work.

Whilst the GDC is clear that this is not a consultation on fee levels, it recognises that those levels are fundamentally affected by the costs of the strategy and addresses the ARF accordingly. Because of the significant achievements that have been made in improving financial control and reducing costs, the GDC is expecting the strategy to be consistent with a significant reduction in the ARF for dentists and only a very small increase in the fee level for dental care professionals.

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