Get the patient to the church on time!

13 October 2022

Ceri Owen-Roberts shows how he uses digital technologies to support planning and delivery of implant treatment in a young female patient.

Case presentation

A 24-year-old female patient was referred to me to help restore her failing anterior dentition. She had experienced a bike accident three years previously, which had caused trauma to the UL1, UR1 and UL2. All three teeth had undergone endodontic treatment, but two years later, external replacement resorption of the UL1 had been noted by the general dental practitioner (GDP). The referral to me in November 2021 was a request for the placement and restoration of a dental implant.

As is often the way, the patient had just got engaged and was due to get married nine months later. She wanted her dental treatment to be completed and healed for her wedding.

Aside from the three traumatised upper anterior teeth, she presented with otherwise unrestored and healthy dentition. She was a non-smoker, was fit and well and no abnormalities were detected during the intra- and extraoral examination.

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