Getting to the heart of occlusion

26 August 2020
2 min read

During this 45-minute session, Ashish will share his experiences and suggestions on developing a stronger approach for addressing everyday occlusal challenges. As founder of The Academy by Ash and a leader within the field, Ashish runs inspirational courses for dentists on practice growth and success, as well as on cosmetic, restorative and occlusion dentistry. He is ideally placed to offer practical and useful tips on simplifying occlusion.

Ashish’s webinar will cover the benefits of using a face bow and articulator for cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. Centric occlusion versus centric relation will also be discussed, with an emphasis on when to open up the vertical dimension and how to use it. As well as gaining an insight into smile makeover, tooth wear and dental implant cases at Smile Design by Ash, clinicians will learn more about the use of Shimstock paper and the “Two-Phase Articulation Paper System”.

Another exciting concept that Ashish will explore is how to use the innovative T-Scan device to measure both force and timing of occlusal contacts, which are two of the most fundamental parameters for measuring occlusion. The T-Scan developed by Tekscan is dentistry’s only clinically recognised and research-validated digital occlusion analysis system. This state-of-the-art technology is designed to help clinicians identify premature contacts, high forces, and the interrelationship of occlusal surfaces – important data that cannot be captured by traditional analogue methods like articulating paper alone.

As the sole agent for T-Scan in the UK, Clark Dental is highly experienced in introducing this key dental tool to professionals aspiring to be at the top of their game. With the detailed information collected by the T-Scan, clinicians can identify excess or unbalanced occlusal forces, ensuring greater control over the adjustment process to minimise the risk of complications. These include damaged prostheses, bruxism, interferences and uncomfortable high spots, as well as potential TMJ issues. In turn, restorative dental treatment can be completed in harmony with the patient’s natural occlusion in order to reduce costly remakes and repeat appointments.

Speaking about his webinar, Ashish says, “Some fantastic information will be condensed and presented within 45 minutes. The webinar will be an excellent occlusion refresher for dentists, including those who are newly qualified. More experienced clinicians will be able to pick up numerous tips and tricks that they can put into practice the following Monday morning. Dentists may or may not have heard of the T-Scan but certainly after my webinar, they will gain a good understanding of the benefits of the device. Additional resources will also be provided so that clinicians can further explore the practical applications of the T-Scan.”

By combining knowledge of bite-balancing basics with a sound strategy for using occlusal measurement tools, dentists can overcome occlusal challenges and ensure the best possible result for patients. Discover the benefits of T-Scan and how to deliver long-lasting restorations by tuning in to Ashish’s webinar on September 16 at 7.30pm. Register your interest now at To find out more about the educational courses that Dr Parmar runs, visit or check out his Instagram on @ashparmardentist.

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