Groundhog day

20 March 2021

Catherine Rutland explains the importance of change in our lives.

As we continue through this lockdown, many people have said that it feels a little like Groundhog Day. The days run one into another, and the weekends almost just fill in the gaps between workdays.

To combat this, I try to alter something to make each day a little different, such as changing my dog walking route, trying a new recipe, or even a different pair of jogging bottoms! A little while ago we had a flurry of snow, and we haven’t had any here for almost two years. It may not have been much, but it was so exciting. It was the first time my dog had ever seen snow and it was truly joyous to watch her trying to understand what it was. I knew it wouldn’t last long and I was determined to make the absolute most of a day that was different.

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