Harry styles and Maya Jama receive awards for the most beautiful smiles

15 March 2023

In an exclusive survey for The Mirror, the winners of the ‘World’s most attractive and impressive smile’ have been announced.

Dr Gülay Akay, the founder of the dental clinic Dentakay, said, " The positive effect of a beautiful smile on people in their social and professional life is indisputable. An attractive smile is an important tool to impress people. When a beautiful face is complemented by an attractive smile, facial harmony is achieved.

"Obviously, one of the most important factors that make a smile is the teeth, especially teeth that have changed shape, colour and form due to trauma, fracture, or caries, or are naturally crooked and deformed, spoiling the aesthetic appearance.”

The winner in the men’s category was two-time BRIT award and Grammy award winner Harry Styles.

Commenting on Harry’s smile, Gülay said, “For a striking smile, the proportions of the teeth and their harmony with the whole face are important.

"Harry Styles has the ideal symmetry in his smile, with the front teeth slightly longer than the others."

The winner in the women’s category was the host of ITV’s Love Island, Maya Jama. Princess Catherine came second.

Gülay added, "With Maya Jama, the judges liked the harmony of her smile: the teeth that were visible, their colour and arrangement of her teeth were all ideal, they are worthy winners of the first Dentakay Smile of the Year award.

"The Princess of Wales also has a lovely, warm smile: the relationship between the upper lip and the lower lip is ideal, the buccal corridor - the black area that can be seen at the corners of the mouth – is perfectly proportioned, and the symmetry of the anterior teeth is just right."