Health charity voices concerns following investigation into illegal teeth whitening

10 February 2020
2 min read

Official figures show the number of illegal teeth whitening procedures in the UK have risen by 26 per cent in the last year.

Despite the treatment being offered in beauty salons and kiosks across the UK, teeth whitening can only be legally carried out by a trained dental professional, such as a dentist or hygienist.

Dentist Ben Atkins, president of the Oral Health Foundation, says the potential consequences of having dental treatment by those unqualified to do so are “severe” and could have “lasting consequences” on a person’s health.

Ben says, “While cosmetic treatments like tooth whitening and orthodontics may seem like relatively easy procedures, they are quite the opposite. These are medical procedures and should only ever be carried out by a dental professional.

“The potential repercussions of having these treatments by a non-trained dental professional can be extremely dangerous. There could be a greater risk of infection and cross contamination, as well as damage to the gums, mouth and even the jaw. 

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