How the Wesleyan Foundation is donating millions of pounds to help hundreds of causes

22 November 2021
2 min read

Practice Plan sales and marketing director, Nigel Jones, caught up with Jess Wilkes-Ball to discuss how the Wesleyan Foundation has given millions of pounds to help charitable causes all over the UK.

NJ: Hi Jess, can you tell me a bit about how the Wesleyan Foundation was created?

JW-B: We had a successful charity partnership with Birmingham Children’s Hospital which raised over £1 million to help with the creation of an incredible bereavement centre, however it got to the point where we knew we could make a massive impact in another way. We have a mutual rewards package that provides members with a range of different benefits and we felt that opening a charitable foundation would be a great way of supporting the causes that matter most to our members.

We put £500,000 into it in the first year and the uptake was hugely successful, so we then made a commitment of £1 million a year and so far, we have donated £3.5 million to help over 100,000 people across the UK. We help small and large organisations and we are having a massive impact not just on the communities where our staff live, but also where our customers live.

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