How will your dental practice look in the future?

19 August 2020
1 min read

Now, more than ever, is a critical time for dental practice owners and managers to plan how their business will look as the country exits the lockdown period; from operational issues through to the potential financial impact of reduced capacity and increased costs, taking a holistic view of the business and identifying the key areas to adapt or address will be key to success.

As UK dental care begins its recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, the questions for practice owners to ask themselves are:

The options available during this period will be dependent upon the immediate and longer-term aspirations of the owner.

For short term operational management, owners may be looking to maintain or even improve current levels of profit and cash flow by monitoring operational efficiencies, whilst also managing health risk for staff and clients.

Maximising income in the context of current capacity constraints could prove challenging, so it is important to identify the key profit drivers of your practice and ways in which they can be protected and developed. Providing a welcoming and safe environment for patients, whilst delivering treatments in an efficient and effective way will be key to this.

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