Improving the basics

18 July 2023

Nimisha Nariapara explains how to upgrade your day-to-day dentistry.

Performing great dentistry isn’t only about carrying out cutting-edge procedures in the most challenging cases. Even though more advanced dentistry is exciting and can require specialist products to get right, it is certainly not the sort of dentistry most clinicians will be performing on a day-to-day basis. Getting the basics right is vital, and ensuring you have the best possible equipment to complete everyday dentistry to a high standard is fundamental.

After all, your patients are unlikely to know about a highly advanced procedure you performed last week, but they will certainly notice if they are dissatisfied with their new crown placement, and this will leave a lasting impression, affecting how they perceive you as a dentist. So, how can clinicians elevate the everyday dentistry they offer their patients?

Mastering simple skills

Becoming an extremely skilled dentist doesn’t happen overnight. Even though years of training are required to qualify, many more years are spent truly mastering the basics. Solidifying your skills and continuing to practise the essential general procedures is not only important in the early years after qualifying, but it is also vital at all stages of your career.

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