Increased demand

22 March 2021
3 min read

Shelley Clegg talks to Catherine McCanny, director of St Michael's Orthodontics in Wakefield, about the high demand for aligner treatment since practices reopened.

There have not been many positive stories over the last year – but one to come out of dentistry has been the increase in patient enquiries for aligner treatment and the subsequent uptake of this treatment.

While some practices have struggled under the pressures and demands of the pandemic, there are others who have had a different experience. We are hearing from lots of orthodontists who were surprised during lockdown about the number of enquiries they received about treatments such as Invisalign. Practices were even more surprised by how many of those enquiries became patients and took up treatment once the doors reopened. This upturn in specific treatment has offered a real boost to practices in terms of cash flow as they returned to work.

I spoke to Catherine McCanny about her experience so far and her thoughts on the future.

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