Innovative dental collaboration in the interests of child patients in Yorkshire and the Humber

14 September 2020
2 min read

Interest in the level 2 complexity care training funded by Health Education England, Yorkshire and the Humber has surpassed the expectations of the organisers who were inundated with expressions of interest within days of going public.

The level 2 dentist was defined in the Commissioning Standard for Paediatric Dentistry published in 2016. Qualified dentists are trained to provide an enhanced level of care, managing more complex conditions, such as dental anomalies, traumatic dental injuries and managing children who are anxious or phobic.

The 24-month programme is due to start in January, lasts for two years and will equip the participants for level 2 accreditation in paediatric dentistry. It is being led by Rachael Nichol, a consultant in paediatric dentistry in Wakefield, and supported by Esther McDerra, a specialist in paediatric dentistry based in Dewsbury. They have the backing of key dentists in Yorkshire and the Humber, including: James Spencer, postgraduate dental dean; Stephen Fayle, the chairman of the Managed Clinical Network in Paediatric Dentistry; and Simon Hearnshaw, of Health Education England and chairman of the North Yorkshire and the Humber Local Dental Network.

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