Interproximal cleaning device with ‘The X Factor’

11 February 2022
2 min read

Philips has announced the launch of a new powered cordless Power Flosser, which is designed to help patients to achieve an effective, consistent and convenient flossing routine, and so improve their gum health in just two weeks1. Launching in March, the new cordless Power Flosser builds on the company’s air and micro-droplet device know-how, with the introduction of patented ‘burst’ function techology to remove 99.9 per cent of plaque in treated areas, to achieve an effortlessly thorough and superior clean.1

Meanwhile, its unique cross-shaped nozzle creates four wide streams of water, ensuring it cleans eight times more area than a competitor irrigation appliance with its classic single-stream configuration.[1] This ensures that it is less technique sensitive and can clean the whole mouth in 60-90 seconds.

It is this patented ‘X-shaped’ QuadStream functionality which achieves maximum cleaning coverage by producing a plaque-sheering cleaning action, and combines it with a centre jet for superior clean interproximally and along the gumline; meanwhile, the designers have considered its ergonomics and created an extra-large water resevoir, which means that the recommended 60 second clean can be carried out without refilling the device.

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