Is dentistry ready to shine?

25 August 2021
3 min read

Nicolas Coomber discusses whether the pandemic has changed opinions on elective dentistry.

As we gratefully booked our post-lockdown haircuts, we did so with a new appreciation of how good it is to feel confident about our appearance. And with practices reporting higher demand than ever for procedures like bonding, patients are also being motivated to improve their smiles, crucially with the support of the professional dental team.

I say ‘crucially’ because the internet has long been full of (often dubious) DIY dentistry tips, as well as products to buy, from whitening aids to over-the-counter orthodontic appliances, that bypass a visit to an experienced, trained clinician. Did the pandemic give elective dentistry a rebrand? Well, some are claiming that teeth are now part of the “self-care beauty boom... up there with luxury skincare, healthcare and makeup”. People are happy to talk about their decision to have elective treatment to look better and enjoy a boost to their self-confidence and self- esteem, no longer embarrassed about being seen as vain, insecure or self-indulgent. Dental influencers are also going mainstream, with many reporting how they have gained thousands of Instagram followers since March 2020.

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