Is your pension still packing a punch?

19 October 2021
3 min read

Richard Lishman, the managing director of the 4dentists Group, looks at the implications financial charges are having on savings and pensions.

When looking to the future, your pension plan can make a big difference. A good pension will not only help you set up funds for when you decide to retire, but help your savings to grow faster, acting as a reliable financial safety net that is available for when you need it.

However, as you are probably already aware, there are almost endless pension policies on the market, meaning that making an informed choice is easier said than done. Your current pension policy may look good on paper, but is it performing the best for you and giving the highest returns? A pension review is a smart way to gauge if your current pension policy is the most beneficial option for you and can help you have a better understanding of this important part of your finances moving forward.

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