Is your practice a leader in infection control?

19 February 2024

Laura Edgar, the managing director of Aura Infection Control, a leading authority in decontamination and cross-infection control in the UK, shared her most crucial advice for dental practices at present.

Laura Edgar, the managing director of Aura Infection Control, a leading authority in decontamination and cross-infection control in the UK, shared her most crucial advice for dental practices at present.

Laura said, "Focus on training and observation. With the dynamic changes in skills and the rapid pace of evolution in governance, compliance, legislation, and guidance, it's essential to closely observe what's happening within our practices."

Aura Infection Control is proud to sponsor the 2024 Team Of The Year Award in collaboration with Dental Nursing, The Dentist, and Dental Update.

The winning team will receive a subscription to Aura’s Compliance Club – Gold worth £350, a place on the ILM-recognised Dental Decontamination Leadership Programme, a year’s membership of the British Association of Dental Nurses, Apolline Basil Compliance Membership and an Apolline Online training subscription for one year.

The first prize is crowned with an iClave plus worth over £5,500.

There are certificates and trophies for the second and third-place runners-up, as well as a subscription to Aura’s ‘Compliance Club – Plus’, which is worth £200 and includes massive discounts on the Aura range of products.

Each of the runners-up will also receive an NSK iCare handpiece oiling machine.

All the practices that enter the award and successfully complete the form will receive a certificate to display in practice and a 10 per cent discount code for Aura’s ILM-recognised Dental Decontamination Leadership Programme qualification.

In the dental industry, ensuring the safety of both patients and staff is paramount. While the ultimate responsibility cannot be delegated, the importance of effective training and leveraging free, independent external reviews and support should be recognised and embraced at every turn.

The Care Quality Commission mandates role-specific training for the decontamination lead. Aura offers the highly acclaimed ILM Leadership and Management in Dental Decontamination course, the premier choice for dental leaders seeking certification and the appropriate level of competency for this critical role.

Aura's leading decontamination training course guides dental professionals through comprehensive cross-contamination control processes and their proper implementation. Covering everything from cleaning and disinfecting dental unit waterlines to ensuring compliance with HTM 01-05, the course meticulously addresses instrument inspection, cleaning, and transportation.

Moreover, it underscores the human aspect of leadership, fostering the development of leadership qualities and effective team motivation strategies. The interactive nature of Aura's decontamination lead course has earned rave reviews, with Phillip Redfearn of L&H Dentalcare in Hamilton describing it as "probably the best decontamination course I've ever attended."

While the decontamination lead bears the responsibility for training, ultimately, it falls upon the entire dental team to ensure adherence to protocols. Staff training is vital to minimise errors and ensure protocol compliance, whether integrated into regular team meetings or completed through a dedicated ECPD team course.

Laura stressed the importance of staff training, particularly on topics such as waterline management and handpiece maintenance, which significantly impact practice effectiveness. Aura offers a range of live ECPD courses covering various aspects of dental decontamination and control, including popular topics like Process and Steam Validation and Handpiece Maintenance and Processing.

These courses can be conducted live, either in-person or remotely, accommodating up to 15 delegates for a total cost of £175. As an added incentive, Aura provides a £50 voucher for use in their online store.

Seize the opportunity to distinguish yourselves and be acknowledged as leaders in infection control within the dental community!

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