IT housekeeping

06 March 2021
3 min read

Ian Pye gives some top tips for cyber security.

Did you know that in the UK, one small business is hacked every 19 seconds? How about the fact that there are, on average, 65,000 attempts to hack the systems in small to medium sized businesses every day, 4,500 of which are successful?

These statistics are especially concerning when we think about dental settings and sensitive patient data. Any breaches in patient data can mean big fines from regulatory bodies as well as potential legal action – the last thing that any practice needs.

So, how do you keep your IT security up to date and as secure as possible? Here are some tips:

At the end of the day, cyber security is becoming more and more important and practices need to be able to defend themselves from any threats. As viruses and malware continue to become more sophisticated, your defences need to advance too in order to keep sensitive data safe.

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