It’s not all about chairside with this intraoral scanner!

15 March 2022
3 min read

Busting the myth that with Primescan must come the CEREC system! Meet Primescan AC intraoral scanner - the scan and send version with a lower price tag.

Intraoral scanners have been at the centre of the transformation of restorative and implant dentistry, opening the doors to a new world of digital capability that makes work faster and more predictable to meet the ever-increasing demands of patients.

Despite the fact that so many clinicians have already embraced the benefits of a digital workflow, taking the first steps towards choosing an intraoral scanner can be daunting. Will the initial financial outlay bring a return on investment? And which of the many out there is best for the clinical needs of my practice?

According to a recent digital imaging survey of UK dental practices[i], over half (61 per cent) of the respondents have yet to invest in an intraoral scanner. For those that have, the factors that made them choose a particular scanner included a price within budget, portability, accuracy of the impressions, wanting the best technology on the market and therefore a scanner from a reputable company.

Whilst investing in such a key piece of equipment requires an initial financial outlay, it’s the return on investment that matters in the long term. The beauty of a powerful and versatile intraoral scanner, such as Primescan from Dentsply Sirona, is that it can be introduced into any dental practice and work supremely well as a standalone piece of equipment. It doesn’t require investment in any other digital equipment and once installed its impact is immediate.

Versatility as standard
To achieve a decent ROI on a scanner purchase, your scanner should be able to support a range of different clinical applications such as orthodontics, restorative or implant treatments, or work in combination with the latest chairside systems to design and produce restorations or implant guides in-house.

This is why Primescan is available in two different versions:

  • the competitively priced ‘scan & send’ standalone Primescan AC (comes with the Connect scanning software – scan & send functionality)
  • and the CEREC Primescan AC that comes with the CEREC software (scan & design functionality) to allow you to design your restorations chairside.

Introducing Primescan AC
Since its launch, Primescan has been proven to be one of the fastest and most accurate intraoral scanners currently available. However, Primescan is also perceived as being more expensive than other similar scanners on the market. Further insights from the survey indicate that the legacy CEREC perception is prohibiting dentists from realising there is a scanner-only version of Primescan.

This means when people consider intraoral scanners of ‘scan & send’ functionality, they don’t even consider the Primescan ‘scan & send’ option because it is commonly (but incorrectly) referred to as CEREC Primescan (mistakenly associated with the CEREC system, even though it doesn’t have the CEREC CAD software included).

Moreover, when they compare the price of ‘scan & send only’ scanners from other companies, they don’t compare it with the price of Primescan ‘scan & send’ (often they don’t know it exists), but instead with the price of the CEREC Primescan (which includes the CAD software). Not only does it include the unnecessary CEREC software but it also provides an unnecessary price difference between scanners designed with different functionality (scan & send vs. scan & design).

Your choice

Primescan AC

Scan & send to a laboratory

Supports digital workflows:

  • Clinic-to-lab restorative workflow
  • Clinic-to-lab implant workflow
  • Clinic-to-partner orthodontic workflow
  • Clinic-to-partner sleep apnoea workflow

CEREC Primescan AC

Chairside dentistry and scan & send to a laboratory

Supports digital workflows:

  • Single visit, chairside restorative workflow
  • Chairside implant workflow
  • Clinic-to-lab restorative workflow
  • Clinic-to-lab implant workflow
  • Clinic-to-partner orthodontic workflow
  • Clinic-to-partner sleep apnoea workflow

No hidden costs
In reality, unlike many intraoral scanners with scan & send functionality, you only pay for Primescan once; there are no licence fees or ongoing contracts post-purchase and Connect software updates are automatic and free, so you’re never left behind.

Whilst the cost of the Primescan unit, at first glance, might be seen as slightly higher than alternative scanners out there, the overall ownership of Primescan vs. other subscription-based models - across a typical five-year financial repayment plan - might be less, shedding light on the true cost and value for money. And with Primescan being an open scanner, you can export STL files free of charge to work easily with your laboratory of choice.

What’s more, Primescan AC can be upgraded to the CEREC version by installing CEREC software at any time on the standalone scanner version. This would enable single visit dentistry when paired with a CEREC Primemill milling machine and CEREC Speedfire furnace.

Whichever version of Primescan is best suited to your clinical needs, Primescan’s open, validated and seamless workflow options across a range of dental disciplines including orthodontic, implant and restorative dentistry, delivers outstanding accuracy and reliability to ensure a perfect fit for any restoration or appliance every time.

Primescan is designed for everyone, whether you’re at the start of your digital journey or have already fully embraced all the benefits that digital dentistry can bring.

Primescan will continue to adapt to meet the ever-changing world of dentistry, ensuring that your practice is equipped to deliver the dentistry of tomorrow as well as today.


To find out more about Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan, and to take advantage of their special offer*, visit Primescan | Dentsply Sirona UK or book a free 1:1 consultation online now.

*For a limited time only, when you buy Primescan AC digital scanner, you’ll receive 3 years of prepaid extended warranty and free ortho software. Terms & conditions apply.

[i] Digital Impression Survey. Dentsply Sirona. 2022