Jim’s channel swim for Dentaid

04 September 2020
2 min read

Jim’s swim is due to take place between 9-15 September depending on weather conditions. He is hoping to complete the crossing between Dover and Calais in around 12 hours and raise £5,000 for Dentaid along the way.

Jim will be swimming alongside High Hopes, a boat containing his support team, a pilot and an observer from the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation who will help him to overcome the chilly sea temperatures, strong currents and the risk of hypothermia and exhaustion. Although the shortest distance between England and France is 21 miles, drifting currents mean that Jim will probably swim at least 25 miles and will need his team to keep him on course.

“They will be looking after me by keeping me fed and hydrated and navigating,” he said. “Also, they’ll keep me going when I feel like giving up. When you are swimming for that length of time it’s a balance between saving your energy and maintaining your swimming technique. It can actually get quite boring but it’s important to keep focus.”

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