Joining the GBT revolution

27 April 2021
3 min read

The Dentist speaks with Ash Parmar about guided biofilm therapy and the difference it has made to his practice.

Why did you choose to bring guided biofilm therapy (GBT) into your practice?
It all started with my dental therapist, Petya, who was using GBT in one of her other practices. She mentioned it to me, and when I came to look at what GBT was all about, I got quite excited about it. That spurred me to invite an EMS rep into the practice, which enabled me to understand the scope of the process properly and it was then I realised it had the ability to help my team provide our patients with the very best standard of care.

What was the GBT training day like for you and your team?
AP: We had GBT expert, Lottie Manahan, come to the practice for a bespoke training day. As a practising hygienist she’s ideally placed to share the practical aspects of GBT, she’s very enthusiastic, and we found her to be a very good teacher.

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