Keeping a close eye on the health of care home residents

13 November 2020
3 min read

A project that involves keeping a close eye on the health of care home residents has been extended for a year after a trial showed impressive results.

The Docobo telehealth project was initially piloted for six months in two care homes in Maidstone, Kent. In the first three months, it resulted in a 32 per cent reduction in hospital admissions, a 25 per cent reduction in 999 calls, a 67 per cent reduction in 111 calls and a 44 per cent reduction in all GP contact.

As a result of this success, it is now running in four care homes, with three of the homes in Maidstone and one in Tonbridge. The project was paused during the first wave of Covid-19 but was resumed and extended in September 2020.

Using a Docobo telehealth solution, staff at the care homes carry out simple health checks with residents each day and record these via a Docobo app.

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