King’s College launches new undergraduate course: Dental Therapy and Hygiene BSc

28 November 2019
3 min read

Dental therapists and hygienists work to promote oral health and restore tooth function and carry out a significant amount of the primary care within general practice without the need for a referral from a dentist. 

From oral disease prevention strategies to direct restorations, they have the intellectual challenges of diagnostics and the technical challenges of treatment in this demanding and hugely rewarding field of healthcare. 

The Dental Therapy and Hygiene BSc course combines the latest knowledge in dental education with early clinical experience. Taught by internationally renowned staff, students are exposed to a rich breadth of skills and education in a diverse clinical environment. 

The course is designed to integrate with the undergraduate Dentistry BDS programme, offering students the opportunity of co-training, and preparing them for employment as a GDC registered professional and a key member of the dental practice team.

Professor Kim Piper, Dean for Education, said, “The faculty are delighted to welcome therapy and hygiene students together with dental students onto new innovative curriculum’s which will allow us to educate the dental team of the future to improve global oral health.”

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