Learn endodontics anytime, anywhere

21 March 2023

The new on-demand endodontics curriculum from Dentsply Sirona is designed to build on clinicians’ skills through self-paced, user-friendly, interactive online learning.

The course provides dentists with the knowledge, skills and inspiration they need to stay up to date with tuition-free interactive, user-friendly online CE courses. Developed in collaboration with world-renowned clinicians and instructional designers, the curriculum showcases the current endodontic techniques and procedures. Participants can start the course at the level that suits their experience and interests. As it is self-paced and interactive, the clinician can learn at their convenience, anytime, anywhere.

Mark Latta, Professor of general dentistry at Creighton University, USA, said, “The rapid advances in technology across all disciplines of dental health care have made it even more essential for clinicians to be committed to life-long learning.

“While there are numerous opportunities for on-demand virtual courses, finding high-quality, evidence-based education can be challenging. Driven by a cadre of global experts, the Dentsply Sirona curriculum will provide each learner immediate benefits for the care of their patients, regardless of where they are on their educational journey.”

The new endodontics curriculum is focused on the entire workflow and is grouped into three learning tracks — Foundational, Procedure-Based, and Mastery. Those new to endodontics should start their learning journey with the foundational learning track, which includes four courses concentrating on an introduction to endodontics, including diagnosis. Those with more experience can jump further down the learning pathway to the intermediate, procedure-based level. The three courses of this trace primarily discuss endodontic therapy and the factors influencing treatment outcomes. Finally, the mastery courses are ideal for experienced clinicians interested in further refining or expanding their skills. The three courses of this advanced level discuss non-surgical retreatment, the management of perforations, and the open apex.

Pamela Marklew, vice president of global clinical education at Dentsply Sirona, says, “We are committed to providing high-quality continuing education through n our Dentsply Sirona Academy. Our goal is to help dental professionals overcome common challenges and bring out the best in them so they can confidently provide the best possible care for their patients,”

The new endodontics curriculum is now available on Dentsply Sirona’s website.