Looking in the face of bad reviews

13 October 2021
3 min read

Michael Sultan considers how to react when receiving negative feedback.

In the modern day, online reviews are incredibly important. After all, reviews can completely change a person’s perception of a product or service and this will inevitably influence how likely they are to buy a certain item or visit a business. 

In dentistry, where competition is already fierce, an online review can quickly become the difference between a patient choosing your services or heading to a competitor’s practice. In fact, research suggests that 91 per cent of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family, and 93 per cent of consumers say that that these reviews influence their purchase decisions. In dentistry in particular, one source suggests that 86 per cent of patients choose a dental practice to visit based off online reviews alone. 

But what happens if you do get a bad review? What if this bad review is unfair or fake? Not all bad reviews are equal, so it’s definitely worth looking at continuity plans in order to help minimise damage and keep your reputation untarnished. 

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