Make complaining easy for patients, advises DDU

18 October 2018
2 min read

NHS figures show there were over 14,000 complaints about NHS dental treatment alone in 2017/18, showing the importance of good complaints handling.

The DDU has produced a comprehensive guide to dealing with dental complaints in the latest issue of the DDU journal. Dental professionals can also gain one hour of CPD by testing their knowledge of complaints handling.

John Makin, head of the DDU said, “Complaints are common and it’s vital to know how to respond to them professionally and appropriately. At the DDU, our dento-legal advisers help members respond to thousands of patient complaints each year. Our data indicates that around 90 per cent of complaints can be resolved at practice level with our help.

“It cannot be over-emphasised that it is hugely important no obstacles are put in the path of a patient wishing to complain. Full details of the practice complaints procedure should be included on the practice website as well as in the practice information leaflet, and a notice should be displayed prominently at the practice reception and/or in the waiting area.

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